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Online Digital Book 1B

Click HERE for access to our new digital version of Book 1B, compliments of SQA.

About the "Beta" eBook version of our CRR Book 1B: 2015 Good Clinical Practice Reference Guide"

This is not the finished product; we're looking for your questions and/or comments to help us make this work best for you! Please don't be shy, you won't hurt our feelings!

 Before you start, here's a little bit about navigation on the site:

The left column is a hyperlinked Table of Contents. Click on any of entries and you will go directly to that specific part.

  • The center column is the book contents. Click and drag your cursor across the text and you will be able to highlight what you've covered or anchor a note at the end of that line in the right column.

  • The right column is where any notes that you take will anchor next to the line. Please take a moment to click on the icons next to that column to see what they do...!

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We anticipate that your document will migrate seamlessly to our final product so please go ahead and use it as you would normally. With that said, watch for changes to the program as we work our way through your comments and our final development!