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Book 15:  Volunteering for a Clinical Trial: A Q&A Guide

Book 15: Volunteering for a Clinical Trial: A Q&A Guide

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This 7" x 5" booklet contains a series of questions and answers about clinical research and the decision to participate in clinical trials.  Written in "plain English," it was designed to help prospective clinical trial subjects make a participate/not participate decision by introducing the broad context of the clinical research process and the role that human subjects serve in that process.  Whereas some people are comfortable making decisions with limited knowledge, many others require as much information as they can obtain.  This book was designed for the latter group.

While written with prospective human subjects in mind, the book is becoming popular with clinical research coordinators and other site staff who are involved with subect recruitment, as well as pharmaceutical company staff desiring an easy-to-understand primer on the clinical research process. 

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• Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Clinical

• Pre-Clinical Trials and How They Relate to Clinical Trials

• The Phases of Clinical Trials

• Placebos, Control Groups, Randomization, and Blinded

• The Informed Consent Process

• Glossary of Clinical Research Terms

• Sources of Additional Information about Clinical Trials

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