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Book 18:  SPANISH LANGUAGE ICH Guideline for GCP & FDA CDER Handbook on Drug Approval

Book 18: SPANISH LANGUAGE ICH Guideline for GCP & FDA CDER Handbook on Drug Approval

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This spiral-bound, 5" x 7.5" book consists of two documents translated into Spanish:  The ICH Guideline for Good Clinical Practice and the FDA CDER Handbook on the drug approval process.

It contains a primer on the drug development process, a review of how FDA evaluates and approves drugs; as well as the responsibilities of sponsors, investigators, and IRBs/IECs in protecting human subjects under Good Clinical Practice.  It's an ideal introduction for Spanish-speaking staff to the field of drug development and a handy reference for seasoned Spanish-speaking clinical research professionals.

As more and more clinical trials are being conducted in Spanish-speaking countries, this books helps bridge the language barrier between Spanish-speaking and non-Spanish-speaking affiliates.

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• ICH E6:  Guideline for Good Clinical Practice

  [Guia Tripartita Armonizada de la Conferencia Internacional
   de Amonizacion Lineamientos para la Buena Practica Clinica]

• FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research:
  Handbook on the Drug Approval Process

  [Manual del Centro para la Evaluacion e Investigacion de
  Farmacos (CDER)]

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